Our full-service fitness offer

We have the solution for your corporate training, whether you have your own facilities ready or not. Our fitness services range from private training and group classes, to nutritional advices and full-service gym management. 


Adaptive solutions 

Whatever your budget is, we will work to find a tailored solution that fits your needs. Pricing will always depend on several variables, such as the frequency  and flexibility demanded, if there is a need for training after 21h at night, and if you have a venue available.

Invite us

We are proud of our top class fitness offer and we would love to show you why. Invite us for a seminar in the office or a trial session with your colleagues, free of charge.


Call THE SPORTS HUB on +41/79 883 39 63 or e-mail us to book a meeting so that we can talk about your needs and how we can tailor an offer to your specific needs and budget.



With our resource of qualified personal trainers and nutritionists, The Sports Hub's residential gym management can fully staff your facility as well as manage the day-to-day running of all the equipment.

Gym inductions

A Sports Hub trainer will demonstrate to all users how to get the most out of the equipment. In addition to educating all gym users, the induction service also helps to fulfill the company’s health and safety obligations.


Inhouse gym?

Having an in-house gym is a great way to get employees active and healthy. As a fitness provider of in-house gyms, we can tailor a gym for your staff or clients, provide classes to encourage participation, offer personal training to ensure goals are reached and facilitate employee wellness programs to reach your whole workforce.



We support with personalised training programmes developed towards achieving health and lifestyle goals. Everyone has different goals and time to commit to training and at The Sports Hub we provide training when and where it suits our clients best – at work, at home or in any of our three locations in Geneva.


The primary benefit of a personal trainer is to have exercises completely tailored to the clients needs. Whether the goal is to perfect your form, to train for a competition or to rehabilitate, you can be sure that your training time is maximized and that you get all the motivation and support needed to reach it.


Small groups, big results

There are numerous advantages of training with a small group of people.

  • Motivation. Support from your fellow trainees.

  • Variation of exercises. 

  • More personalised time with the trainer.

  • Setting and reaching goals becomes more evident.


À la carte

Once per week, several times per day or one-off full-day seminars? Group courses with circuit training, weight-lifting, yoga or boxing? 

Our idea is to provide you with an à la carte menu with everything needed for a first-class fitness experience. 


Lunch training

We always encourage a break for sports during lunch hour. Midday training is an excellent way for employees to becoming both happier and more efficient. Emerging research suggests that it may lead to better job performance, improved stamina, more enthusiasm, and increased creativity. Plus, exercise reduces stress and helps night sleep, a part from strengthening up the core and reducing the risk for back pain and headaches.


Eat healthy, be healthy

With our inhouse nutritionist, we offer one-to-one nutrition consultations and workshops in your office. Choose from our individual nutrition programmes, athlete nutrition schedules or set up a corporate wellness challenge with our help..

Fitness Class
Woman with Fitness Ropes
Boxing Session

Is there a disciplin you find is missing? Talk to us! 

In our network of fitness professionals, we rarely find ourselves more than a phone call away from engaging a professional coach in any kind of discipline.


Lifting weights has a number of well-documented benefits, including increased strength, greater muscular endurance and improved bone mass. Weight training also has a beneficial impact on the cardio-vascular system and it helps managing stress and sleep problems.

Weight training can be practiced by anyone at any age. However, a good coach will make sure to not only motivate you during training, but also keep you and your body safe.


Using your own bodyweight for training is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, the practice can be used by anyone, at any age and at any time, since there is no equipment needed – only the bodyweight.


Calisthenics is highly useful when recovering from injury and it keeps easy on the joints, at the same time as you get a full body workout.


Why do yoga? In brief, because it makes you feel better. By practicing the different postures, doing the breathing exercises and participate in the meditation, you feel better in your body, mind and spirit. For the body, yoga improves muscle tone, flexibility, strength and stamina.


There is a yoga style for everyone and every moment. From the calmest of Yin yoga, to the hot and sweaty Bikram yoga and the very intense, serious strength workout of Yoga Animal Moves. All you really need is a calm space and a soft carpet, to create the place for yoga and pilates.


The Hub boxing is a mix between boxing disciplines and functional training that is suited for everyone, from young to old, and is highly adaptable to individual conditions.

Boxing is an excellent form of cardio that builds limb speed, arm strength, and stamina. 


Our classes come with a complete body workout, switching between drills with jabs, hooks, kicks and knee kicks on pads and bags, alternated with muscular strengthening excercises.