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Private & semi-private coaching

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We bring together top coaches in a variety of disciplines in our full-service training offer. From calisthenics and weight-training, to boxing and yoga.

Our mission is to tailor training according to each clients needs. At the heart of our offer is private coaching, along with semi-private training, nutrition coaching and also corporate services.

Contact us for a free trial of our services, a seminar in your office or a meeting to discuss more. 



At the core of The Sports Hub, are some of the best sports coaches and personal trainers of Geneva. Several with athlete backgrounds, and all specialists within their own practices, such as calisthenics, weight-lifting, kettlebells, TRX, yoga, pilates, cardio boxing and martial arts.

Nina Ognjanov
Boxing coach Nina Ognjanov
Senior Boxing Coach
& Founder

Nina counts 20 years of teaching martial arts, and since a few years she is also doing courses in anti-violence management for health professionals. She started training Taekwondo in 1983 in Yugoslavia and was the national champion from 1989-1995, before leaving the country. She successfully joined the Swiss national team in 2001, after which she switched wholeheartedly to Thai boxing.

French, English, Italian, Croatian

Sports coach Sofia Hallström
Sofia Hallström
Personal Trainer & Marketing Manager

Not only a fashion and design journalist, a communication specialist and business strategist, Sofia has followed her sports passion and also holds a diploma as a personal trainer and boxing coach. When not giving sports classes, she works closely with Nina on developing the brand of The Sports Hub.

French, English, Italian, Swedish

Marielos Zuninga
Pilates & Multi Barre Teacher

A pilates coach since 15 years, Marielos has in recent years dedicated herself to the new Multi Barre method. This high-intensity training focuses on the deep muscles and reinforcement of the posture. Being the only certified teacher in Geneva, she will guide you through your training with lots of Costa Rican energy and fun. 

French, English, Spanish, German

Laure Samitier
Yoga Teacher

Laure is passionate in her teaching of yoga and gives you a lesson that is dynamic, intense, but also restorative and respectful to yoga traditions. In her classes you will find relaxation, challenge, mantra and kind-heartedness.

French, English





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